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Firefox enhanced tracking protection
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   Firefox enhanced tracking protection

Mozilla just rolled out enhanced tracking protection in Firefox 63.0 Quantum, a feature which allows users to configure the web browser to block trackers and all third-party cookies to disable cross-site tracking.

Cross-site tracking is what companies such as Facebook or Google do when collecting your browsing data while you're surfing the web, to build an advertising profile which allows advertisement buyers to target you with personalized ad content.

Companies that track you around the Internet use trackers to gather data on your actions on the websites you visit using tools such as scripts, pixel-sized images, and even share buttons.

The new Firefox makes it possible to block third-party cookies, used by advertisers to serve you custom ads specifically tailored to your advertising profile built with the help of trackers.

Although being served personalized ads is not a bad thing most times, the fact that you do not know what the data brokers, advertising and affiliate networks do with the data they collect on your using their third-party cookies can be quite worrying for privacy-concerned users.

Firefox's cross-site tracking blocker makes it easy to avoid being tracked while browsing the web

In Firefox 63.0, users will be able to block cross-site tracking with the new and enhanced tracking protection that can be accessed by clicking the shield icon available in the address bar, making it easy to configure the browser to block storage access for third-party trackers and the cookies that track you around the web.

The feature is off by default, but you can enable it by going to Firefox Options/Preferences, Privacy & Security and clicking the "Third-Party Cookies" checkbox and toggle on the "Trackers (recommended)."

The tracking protection feature can also be toggled on or off on a per-site basis from the address bar shield menu by clicking the "Disable Blocking For This Site" button.

Once you enable the content blocking feature, web pages will also most likely load faster, and you won't be targeted with ads when browsing other websites.

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Firefox enhanced tracking protection
Firefox enhanced tracking protectionFirefox enhanced tracking protection
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